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Monday, August 3, 2009


I might be late to hear this but the story hits the heart. Please read up on this guy! Super inspirational and always a crowd favorite. I have enjoyed and jocked SACE's work ever since the first spotting. Regardless from my birthplace in CHICAGO I never seen much in person, but felt the wrath. Dash Snow was an awesome artist and from what's said and heard " He was a man of mystery " and will be missed. Perfect story written by a PERFECT ARTIST! Rest IN PEACE

Keath Sodapop

Chasing Dash Snow
At 25, he is a growing downtown legend, a graffiti writer turned artist with a beautiful face and a De Menil pedigree, elusive even to the two friends who created his myth. What happens if he’s caught?

The artist Dash Snow rammed a screwdriver into his buzzer the other day. He has no phone. He doesn’t use e-mail. So now, if you want to speak to him, you have to go by his apartment on Bowery and yell up. Lorax-like, he won’t come to the window to let you see that he sees you: He has a periscope he puts up so he can check you out first.

Partly, it comes from his graffiti days, this elusiveness, the recent adolescence the 25-year-old Snow spent tagging the city and dodging the police. “He’s pretty paranoid about lots of things in general, and some of it was dished out to him, but others he’s created himself,” says Snow’s friend, the 27-year-old artist Dan Colen.

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