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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Infamous

The CMK Crew from Chicago aka Criminal Minded Krew has stayed active through the years in the graffiti scene since their 1990 debut. Some years better then others, but has always kept together no matter what went down. Disputes, Beef, Prison, Relationships, etc. Seeds always are planted well by this crew and members are well scouted and usually is someone close to another member that is taught the ways and puts the new member on a strict probation. Painting is usually the entrance ticket but, that only get's you down with this crew, you still are not official until many years of dues paid in full. Something special about this graffiti crew from "The Windy City" is the fight they give to maintain their artwork and Respect no matter what. CMK has developed over the years and the members are solid for each other which in turn helps continue the drive of this crew. Style plus reputation is a few formula components to make a writer from this crew.

1990 was the year CMK became a official graffiti crew. Anger is the oldest CMK from Chicago. His graffiti career started in the 1980's. Beginning of the 1990's is when he took on having a crew of his own. Anger is responsible for the CMK that writers are familiar with in Chicago. Many writer's from Chicago were put down, but did not continue being down after so much time passed. Either dropping, crew hopping, getting dropped, stop painting, etc. Early members of CMK were Anger, Xampl, Grave, Chant, Gimik, Loki, Disem, Lex, Opik, Gnome174, Cure (leader of AIR Crew Chicago), Chose, Diesol, Cien63 (Leader of LAWS), and Hyde.

The 90's meant a whole lot of transit focus. Seeing the ending of 80's Subway train era meant of course holding on to as much as you can. All graffiti was focused on and around the CTA train lines. Chicago Transit Authority was the main target for graffiti. Doing spell-outs, Scribe's, Fill-ins, Tags, Daytime throw-ups on trains, everything. Busting down train stations and subway tunnels was a must too. Not to mention the graffiti wars and battles they were involved in. CMK was never known to back down from a challenge or battle. In Chicago graffiti when you have a graffiti war everything goes. Fighting and painting is a guarantee in most Chicago graffiti wars. One thing especially is the flipping of each other's graffiti crew letter's. That's a Chicago tradition, no other city really does that while having graffiti beef....

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