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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keath Sodapop

Interview with Phor CMK
By: Matt Garcia

Question 1: were do you find your inspiration for your pieces.

Question2:who inspired you to do graffiti and how Long have you been doing it for?

Question3: how do you feel about the Chicago being under ranked in the graffiti game.

Question4: have you ever had any near death experience?

1. I find inspiration from many different things and different people. My Wife and child are big factors in the fuel that keeps me going. Inspiration comes to me in many forms thou and I always keep a leveled and open mind about life. People can be mean to you and cause a good reaction in the turn out by ignoring the negative and focus on the positive. A piece of art by another artist or a song you have never heard before. Maybe not have caught certain lyrics in a song before then finally hearing them can cause inspiration. I just take inspiration and run with it as far as I could. I have been sent to earth to give myself to others through art and visually spread righteous faith to all.

2. I covered the part of inspiration and that has been then case since I can remember. My friends I grew up with that were older than me are the ones that got me into graffiti art. A friend name “Phybs” is the one that really taught me about the culture and started helping me get involved and showed me important knowledge to get started. After that I was on a rampage to become very good and very well rounded. I was at the age of 10 when this all went down in time. By the age of 12 and 13 I was infected by the culture. That’s all I wanted to be was a good graffiti artist and spread the knowledge how it was passed down to me.

3. I don’t know about being under ranked, but it is a sleep on city. More and more writers are visiting from out of state more lately. I think the problem or the ranking is coming from the local’s when the rest of the country and world I hear different. It is a swell city to operate out of I believe. Don’t get me wrong I get sick of the city when I get into a mood too, but I love Chicago and I love the Chicago graffiti scene. We could be a little more united about ourselves here in the city, but just like baseball the city tends to take side’s and never really accepts each fully. There is no unity really and that needs to be seen more.
4. Yes. Many of times I have encounter near death experiences. Nothing that really stands out in my mind but numerous little things, like falling through a roof half way, chases (Human and animal) both, police, etc. Graffiti has taught me to learn from mistakes fast and to become more cautious in life always.

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