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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Keath Sodapop

This Chicago native has been involved in creating ever since he can remember. Born in the South side neighborhood of Bridgeport an only child, he learned to make friends quickly and developed artistic ways of having fun. Drawing in school as a child continued on into High School to later become a regular part of life. Creating for fun to mastering a craft became a serious goal for Keath, a degree in Fine Arts was put on hold to pursue lifes voyage. Which is now the main motivation for the rest of his mission.
Mastering all media's is one of the main goals for Keath as an Artist as well as bringing a positive message. Keath's mission is a never ending exploration of creation, no matter how big or small. Using the objects in life that are close to the heart help pump fuel into the life force of his creativity. In the spring of 2007 Keath launched "Bottomless Pitt Creations" a company which applies creative touches to any object possible. An out of pocket budget has things on a slow start, but more material will be available in the future. A major percent of the material created by Keath Sodapop are hand made. Please take a look at some past works and latest creations...

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