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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Creative Minds Kombine

We had a chance to sit down with RAMONE in the Bottomless Pitt and
talk with him on
his role in "Creative Minds Kombine " and his thoughts
on Keath Sodapop. Here is what
he said:

Yo this is RAMONE taking a few minutes to give you all a look into my life. I'm not sure
if I have met all the CMK members, but so far I have not met a single member with any
negative vibes or side ways actions. I have been chilling here in the Bottomless Pitt located
out in Bridgeport CHICAGO with Keath Sodapop who not only do I love as a friend but a
son as well. We seem to have some of lifes more important issues on the same wave length.
In the FUTURE, I believe will hold many positive experiences...
I 'll be updated with ya'll enjoy the movie and look out for future projects with the " Florida FISHERMAN " . . . RAMONE CMK

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