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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The FLORIDA Fisherman

BOB was a good man. I still can't believe this has happen. He was an adventure's man and he alway's held a great respect with me and mostly everyone he would meet. He helped me and I helped him. I Loved BOB and will miss him dearly. An officer I talked to said there is a passing bus in the footage as well and that bus driver must of seen the accident. He should be questioned and the records are there of who was driving. Please help BOB. He was a Firecracker! He did what ever it took to get the Job done. He has had hard times like many of us do and survived the best way he knew how to. He was from Bridgeport Chicago. He did plenty of side job's for buisness's that are in the neighborhood and everyone knew him to be on a bike. He did the funeral parlor on 37th and emerald, gas station's in the neighborhood and plenty of resident's. He was an honest man and did not deserve what happen to him. I will be posting as the information come's to me. I am still realizing the issue. It is a shock. Hundred's and thousand's of mission's on the bike's he rode and never no turn out like this. It is a shame the person could not stop and deal with this. Robert Jr. we are family. I loved Bob and he Loved you two guy's and alway's talked about you's and alway's had good and interesting thing's to say. Even how he went to meet you guy's in Canada when you's were younger all the way across country from florida to surprise you's and your mom.

He was majorly cool. One of the Best! I will campaign for him alway's and will not let it go until it is settled. The Florida Fisherman!

Alway's a crowd favorite. Wish you the best and see you one day again. I love you Dude! Peace

Keath Sodapop

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