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Sunday, January 23, 2011

lauren sailor

i had to go to campus today, so i altered my route a little. i'm usually on King Drive (400 East) at Pershing, and had a vague mental image of Pershing to the west (i.e., the 300 East block where the rider was found) but wanted to get a better picture.

that part of the road had two freshly paved, rather narrow lanes in each direction, and the outer lane had cars parked in it intermittently. there's a fair amount of open/undeveloped space, but some strips of shops on both sides of the road, only some of which looked boarded up. the pavement was remarkably clear, and not even the door zone of the few parked cars had encrusted ice. there's a school, didn't catch what grades but from the kids outside i'd guess high school. both times i passed (noon and 2:30) there were at least a dozen people on the sidewalks, either passing through or hanging out.

it seems like there's plenty going on in that stretch of Pershing. yet even with no school on Monday, i cannot believe the snow plow driver was the first to call 911. i'm really hoping the plow came almost immediately after the collision, and not that the fallen bicyclist was ignored.

i did not stop and did not wish to, given all the activity. not the sort of place i'd want to change a flat.

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