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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Robert M. Felice

Please visit my page I can help with information. His name is Robert M. Felice. My mother and Robert were together for almost 15yrs. He frequently would stay in my grandmother's building. I have plenty of friends who know him and love and miss him! My wife, my daughter, and plenty other's. He was 65yrs old when he was killed. The media isnt really helping much. I am not sure how much the police are helping either. I contacted police and media but havent heard any response. He has two son's in Florida that I have contacted and are taking care of the situation. I am planning a memorial for him and will post information as it come's. Robert did not have a stable home and lived a particular life. He was a victum of a hit and run regardless of the situation and how it happened, the driver did not even stop? His bike was wreck and if the driver couldn't feel him hitting a person and bike or see the cyclist at all? there is fishy feeling with this and the authorities have been pretty sketchy. Please help him. He was a good person with a good heart and did not deserve this! Police say there is video footage of the accident. There are plenty of land mark's in that area and they should have plenty of video camera's located somewhere. There is a bus passing in the video one Officer I talked to said. i heard through the grape vine that a person and bus driver seen the accident happen. I'm not sure if it was the pershing bus or the wentworth bus? The CTA should have documents of what bus driver was driving those route's that day, during that time. Jan. 17, 2011 between 5pm and 6pm. Everything is recorded now a day's whether it's computer, video, picture, etc. There has to be record's of that CTA information and the driver's need to be questioned... Some people say it was the SnowPlow that hit Robert. I can only do so much with the access I have. I went the next day to view at the Morgue for ID and was refused because I was not next of Kin.Some people heard he was ripped in half.Some say he had a leg ripped off? Robert was like an Uncle to me even thou him and my mom where together. i love him and will seek justice. But certain information may not be there if too much time passes.... Please contact me...



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